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Links to people and services here represent colleagues, businesses, friends, and associates we have known and worked with over the years. We believe these people to be of good character and that they share our mission to provide quality service to people and their animals. However, CEI is not responsible for the methods, beliefs, or services provided by these individuals, and assume the reader to be responsible for choices made in selecting a referral from this or any such source.

Trainers and Breeders Who Use Connected Riding Methods

    Wonderful PRE horses in Barcelona, Spain.
    Contact: Melín Farriols, Connected Riding Practitioner 
    Cría y venta de caballos PRE.
    Yeguas y sementales Pura Raza Española.
    Estamos en Argentona, Barcelona. < target=_blank>>
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    Síguenos en Twitter: @yeguadafarriols

Certified Connected Riding Instructors and Practitioners
Connected Riding Practitioners in Germany
Equine Practitioners
  • Tellington TTouch Training

    The Tellington Touch method of hands on healing and groundwork for horses, dogs, cats and llamas is helping animals worldwide. It offers everyone a kind, compassionate way to be closer and more connected with animals. Linda Tellington-Jones is truly one of the pioneers in the field of human to animal communication. It is a life changing experience to watch her work.

  • Robyn Hood
    Co-creator of the T.T.E.A.M. with her sister, Linda Tellington-Jones. Robyn is a master teacher and Tteam Clinician, trainer and breeder of Icelandic Horses. She does a fantastic job providing riders with the foundations of Connected Groundwork and riding. She also uses the Connected Groundwork principles in her work with companion animals. Be sure to include a clinic with Robyn on your must-do, list!
  • Ivana Ruddock

    Equine Touch is a hands-on practice based upon the principle of vibrating the soft tissue by performing an Aikido based move over specific points on the body. The results of this technique, which Jock coined the Vibromuscular Harmonization Technique (VHT) for humans and Equine Touch (ET) for horses.

  • Mary Midkiff
    As the creator and founder of the Women & Horses™ fitness and performance program, Mary D. Midkiff is a professional instructor, clinician, and author. Treat yourself to one of Mary's books.
  • Edie Jane Eaton
    Edie Jane is a delightful teacher! She is a TTEAM/TTouch Instructor
    and a Feldenkrais Practitioner. She is another person to add to your 'must do' list of fun and informative clinicians - check out her website for more about her work.
  • Cali Jansen
    Email at:
    Equine Health Therapist, Founder of Equine Equations®
    Healing for animals on all levels— physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual— related to unsoundness, illness and behavioral problems.

  • Harry Whitney
    Harry Whitney is a clinician who is a kind, and clear instructor, Harry is able to help folks understand their horses, not only for their benefit, but for the benefit of their horses.
  • Trudy Johnson
    New Path Functional Healthcare
    Email at:
    Trudy is an Energy Medicine Practitioner /Instructor who offers the modalities of Quantum Energy Structured Therapy, Equine Touch, Functional Craniosacral, FLOW, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Practitioners who use Connected Riding methods
Equine Health and Wellness
  • Advanced Biological Concepts
    Provides holistic nutritional supplements for horses and small animals.
  • Forco Nutrition
    Animal nutrition consultants, who specialize in the nutrition and rehabilitation of both horses and small animals. clinics. They are the developers and exclusive distributors of FORCO, the most time-proven, versitile, and constantly effective digestive aid for horses.
Human body awareness and well being
Tack and Equipment
  • About the Horse Western Saddles
    Makes a Western saddle that allows horse and rider to move freely in balance and comfort. Dave Genadek's video "About Saddle Fit" is one the the best investments you can make if you are thinking of buying a saddle whether English or Western, or just wish to educate yourself on how to fit a saddle to keep your horse comfortable and working to his optimum without the interference of a poor fitting saddle. Go to our store to purchase this video.
  • Charmworks jewelry
    Rachel Frey with her mother, Pat, create our Connected Riding jewelry. Check out their site for horsey jewelry and more! Rachel is also a Connected rider!
Animal Communication
  • Asia Voight
    Asia has been communicating with animals since she was a child. She began her professional work in August 1998 after studying advanced levels of animal communication with Penelope Smith. She has enjoyed working with over 25,000 animals and also teaches workshops in animal communication.
  • Wendy Wolfe
    Wendy offers animal communication, animal aromatherapy, equine craniosacral therapy and an equine renewal center. Wendy is a talented practitioner and has many special gifts to share with humans and their animal companions.
Consultants and Friends of Connected Riding
Equine related media
  • Lynn Glazer photography
    Lynn is an amazing and talented equine and animal photographer. Check out the lovely images on her site!
Special Equine Related Programs
  • Equest Theraputic Riding Center
    Equest is a Premier Accredited Center of NARHA (North American Riding for the Handicapped Association)therapeutic riding program serving children and adults with disabilities in Southern Maine.
    Miniature Horses at Outside Initiatives serves rural youth in Linn County, Oregon. They offer year round programs for rural youth and families providing vigorous outdoor exercise, a healthy social environment and lasting life lessons. Groundwork and horse education develops confidence, leadership, compassion and communication skills which are transferred to other life aspects. Their work promotes compassionate understanding of the true value horses have in the lives of humanity.

Horseback Riding Vacations
  • Horseback Riding Vacations Worldwide
    Equitours has been offering horseback riding vacations and equestrian lessons around the world for the last 25 years. For the Vacation of a Lifetime!
  • The Bitterroot Dude Ranch
    Outstanding Horseback Riding Vacation. Located in spectacular Wyoming. Working cattle ranch with Arabian horses and Black Angus Cows.
  • The Wholistic Equine Center at the Everett Ranch, Montana
    Summer camps for kids and adults.

    Set on 100 beautiful acres just one mile from the scenic town of Whitefish Montana; only 45 minutes from Glacier National Park and endless summer activities for the whole family.